Sunday, May 15, 2016

5 Things You Should Know About Your Toddler


You might have come across parenting and self help books that promise to guide you on raising sweet beautiful children. Well, they may not always work. Every child is unique and there can be no one rules for all. Here is a list of 5 things that you must know about your toddler. These are not guides or rules but are philosophies about toddlers that will help you understand your child better and work your way around him/her. 


           1. It’s all about power – As parents we take all the decisions about what our
              child eats, wears, does or where he goes. So what does a child do? They try
              to control the food they will actually eat, their clothes, what they’ll say, when
              they’ll sleep etc. And these are the areas where parents have the most trouble
              with their kids. During this stage they are learning to take decisions, so let
              them have control wherever possible. Give them a few options (not many),
              so they feel in control. If you try to battle it out, your child will continue the
              battle with greater force. 

2. They need to fall so that they know how to get back up – We want to
              give a perfect world to our children, protect them from every fall, bruise and
              failure. But, to move forward they must make mistakes and learn from, them.
              Help your toddlers get over their failures and learn to face adversity and be
              flexible, for that is what they’ll need later in life.

          3. Toddlers are the happiest when they feel secure - A little recognition
              can go a long way. Help them through adversity, encourage them with a “you
              can handle it”, help them understand what they are feeling by giving a label
              to the emotion. 

          4. They have no sense of time -That is simply because their brains are still
              developing and cannot understand the concept of time yet. They will only
              understand what you tell them to do “now”. The best way to manage this
              is to tell them the order in which things need to be done. First we do this,
              then this and then this. 

         5. Challenging behavior is just a part of learning to communicate and  
             become independent. Your child's curiosity, persistence and stubbornness may
             make you crazy, but these are the traits that will help them thrive in the future.
             By expressing their likes and dislikes and asserting themselves, they are gaining
             self confidence and learning how to be independent.

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