Sunday, October 11, 2015

Games to Help Develop Fine Motor Skills

Here are some fun ways to help your child strengthen their hand and wrist muscles and develop their fine motor skills. 

Whether you make your own or buy a remade version from the store playing with playing with play doh is a great tool to help develop fine motor skills. Squeezing and stretching helps strengthen finger muscles. You can have fun with the play doh and try different projects, a fun one is play doh cupcakes. Have the kids decorate with small toys and poke with unlit candles. 

Finger Paint
Painting with finger paint is another great way to strengthen finger muscles, for the older kids have them try to stay within the lines of a large picture. 

Mini Pencils or Broken Crayons
With larger crayons and markers kids can hold with their whole hand, those mini pencils or even broken crayons encourage them to hold it correctly. 

Sponges in a Bucket
Put a sponge and water in one bucket and have your child use the sponge to transfer the water to another bucket, get way to build hand strength. 

Pasta Necklaces
Have them string uncooked pasta on a piece of yarn. 

Pipe Cleaners in Colander
Find a colander with small holes, if you don't have one at home check the local dollar store, and have your child make creations with pipe cleaners. Have them stick one end of the pipe cleaner in and then bend to reach another hole to stick it in. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Hospital Bag Essentials

Not sure what to put in your hospital bag? Here are a few of our essentials for mom. 

Even if you don't plan to nurse a nursing bra will be more comfortable than a traditional bra. 

You can stick to the night gown provided by the hospital, but I felt a little more comfortable in my own clothes. I also found the hospital night gown was very difficult to nurse in. 

3. Lip Balm and Toiletries 
The hospital is very dry so lip balm is key, you may also want to pack some small toiletries from home. 

Nice warm socks with a no skid bottom are perfect for those walks down the hall to the nursery. 

5. Pads
Nursing pads to catch any leaks are a must even if you do not plan on nursing. 

With my first son I didn't have this and really wish I had, this was the first thing I tossed in the bag with my second son. 

I packed a pre-pregnancy outfit and had to have my husband run home to get me a new one. Remember that you will not be your pre-pregnancy weight when you go home, the second time around I packed a 6 month maternity outfit and it was perfect. 

Yes, the hospital provides towels but they are usually thin and rough. A nice plush towel from home really hits the spot when you get out of the shower. 

Don't forget to charge the battery before you leave. 

Did we miss anything? What was your hospital bag must have?