Tuesday, January 26, 2016

5 tips to encourage learning through play

Hoppi Box Expert Advisors - Room To Grow Social Work Team share their top 5 tips to encourage learning through play. Have fun!

  1. Play and talk with your child...no matter how young or old they are. Your engagement and interaction with your child will help nurture their development
  2. Let them play and explore. There’s no wrong or right way to play with a toy. It's all part of learning how things work.
  3. Give them age appropriate toys to encourage development but also let them “play” with other things, like boxes, pots and spoons (safely).
  4. Encourage creativity and imagination....ask questions, interact, play along, pretend.
  5. Let your child choose what to play and then add onto his activity.

Meet the entire Room to Grow Social Work Team here.